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For 1-on-1 LESSonS

We have a few more details to share before we get to the "enrolling in lessons" part...

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NEW THIS YEAR - we now have three different levels of coaches to choose from:

  • Junior Coaches

  • Advanced Coaches

  • National Coaches


What is the difference between these three different levels of coaches??

Lesson Times

Lessons take place once a week with tons of days/times to choose from!

Most lessons are 30 minutes long, however 45 and 60 minute lessons are available on request at an additional cost.

Lesson times and availability vary per coach.

Lesson Fees

*We accept payment through Credit Card or eTransfer

  • Junior Coaches - $20 / lesson

  • Advanced Coaches - $26 / lesson

  • National Coaches - $30 / lesson

Total lesson fees for our Fall 2020 season (Oct. - Dec.), are pro-rated depending which week you begin lessons.


If starting the week of October 5, you will receive 10 lessons plus an optional performance opportunity, which works out to:

  • Junior Coaches - $200 (or three payments of $67)

  • Advanced Coaches - $260 (or three payments of $87)

  • National Coaches - $300 (or three payments of $100)


Pre-Covid, we would host one concert in December and one concert in June, to highlight our 1-on-1 Lessons students. We would never force students to participate but always encouraged them to take advantage of this opportunity.

This December - we will likely be limited to offering a virtual performance opportunity. Details will be provided closer to the month of December and students and their families can decide whether or not they wish to take part!


Cancellation/Missed Lessons Policy

If you are new to our program, please take a moment to read through our cancellation and missed lessons policies. These can be found on our registration form, or by clicking HERE.

The Last Step...


      Process for RETURNING 1-on-1 Students

*students who have taken 1-on-1 lessons with us in past OR are currently in 1-on-1 lessons but want to sign up for lessons on an additional instrument

Easy peasy - just send us an email ( or give us a quick call (1-888-613-6108) and we will get you booked into a lesson time.

      Process for New 1-on-1 Students

*this includes students who have been OR are currently in our group lessons

Please take a moment to fill out our private lessons INTAKE FORM  by clicking on the button below.


This is our preferred process for enrolling 1-on-1 lessons students. It helps us to stay organized and get back to all families as soon as we possibly can!

ALTERNATIVELY - if you don't like filling out forms OR if you just have a question, you can reach us anytime at

1-888-613-6108  OR

Thanks!! We can't wait to chat with you soon!!