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Our program was founded in 2011 by Saskatchewan based recording artist and music educator, Amy Nelson. Since that time, Sing Like A STAR has helped to build the confidence of and teach music lessons to over 3000 students in Regina and surrounding areas.

Amy completed a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Regina in 2006. She grew up in Regina and had many amazing music teachers throughout the years but found most teachers taught using only classical music or musical theatre songs. This is where the idea for Sing Like A STAR began…

Our programs are all based on the belief that students can learn quality music skills, taught by talented teachers using ANY type of music. We have found that because we are using POPULAR music that the students enjoy, they tend to be more engaged in their learning and are more likely to stick with their lessons. 

We teach our students the same solid music techniques we learned through our classical and classroom training, but we teach those techniques using songs by artists and bands such as Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, Bruno Mars, etc. We are also very careful to hire coaches who are not only talented, but enthusiastic, supportive and welcoming to all students.  


In its first year, Sing Like A STAR consisted of 44 students, one instructor and one studio. Eleven years later, we are very proud of how the program has grown and expanded. 

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