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Big things are happening at our Regina location...

​Regina has been the flagship location for everything Sing Like A STAR, since our first season of lessons began in the fall of 2011. Almost 9 years later, we have expanded to include multiple locations and far more than just singing lessons. We are on the verge of a full re-brand – where Sing Like A STAR will become simply the name of the Group Singing Lessons portion of our school, rather than the overall name of the program.

Introducing, STAR Academy…

The name has not been confirmed, but the concept is solid. Regina will be our first location to switch over to a full academy model, offering a variety of programs, tailored to increasing the skills and building the confidence of our rising STARs. We will maintain our “NO AUDITIONS. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!” mantra for the majority of our programming. Plus, we are now ready to begin adding additional, higher level training, such as songwriting, artist development and additional performance opportunities for our more experienced singers.  

The most exciting part about STAR Academy will be when we lease our own venue for the academy, allowing us to offer families more class options, additional programming, a comfortable place for parents to wait during their childs lessons and much much more! It is an exciting time to be involved in our program!

STAR Academy

Family Membership

  • Each family involved in our core programs (Group Singing and/or 1-on-1 Lessons) at our Regina location, will have a Family Membership to the Academy (a value of $50). 

  • only one membership needed per family

  • memberships last a full year

2 Ways to get a Membership

  • make a payment of $50 through eTransfer or Credit Card and don't worry about it again all year, OR....

  • agree to participate in fundraiser(s) to cover the $50 Membership Fee



  • discounts at local, family-friendly businesses (once established by our parent committee)

  • discounted entrance into workshops and other educational opportunities

  • participation in jams and other friendship building activities

  • more awesomeness to come...

Location, location, location...

Our 2020 Lessons will begin this January at the Regina Performing Arts Centre (1077 Angus Street). However, with the launch of this new membership program, assuming the number of families who enrol doesn't decrease drastically, we will have the additional financing we need, in order to afford leasing our own venue.

We tried to move our program earlier this year but we unable to collect enough registration deposits in time to make it happen. However, our move is no longer a "want" and is now a "need." We need to move locations during this upcoming Season, as the Performing Arts Centre needs to complete some renovations in our current basement location, prior to the busy spring season when their schedule is packed with dance competitions.

Your patience during this transition is greatly appreciated. Click here to follow along with the updates on our new Regina location.

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