Mitch Dureault is a talented musician who was born and raised in Southern Saskatchewan. He plays many instruments and is loves to share his musical knowledge with others.

Mitch has many years of teaching experience. We have been trying to get him to work with our students for over a year how. However, his busy travel schedule meant that wasn't possible, until now.


Prior to the current global pandemic, Mitch was spending most of his time working as part of a pilot project through the Canada Council for the Arts and Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange. The project brought talented musicians up north to live and teach in Stanley Mission.

Mitch is best known throughout the province as a fiddler, but is able to play and teach many different instruments. He has even developed a passion for lutherie (building and repairing stringed instruments).

With a mixed foundation of the old-time fiddle tradition of his grandfather alongside his formal classical training, Mitch has spent nearly the last two decades honing a style of his own.

Outside of music, Mitch has a passion for  spending time with his friends and family, and holds a BA in International Studies with a focus on development and sustainability.