Cheri Wilkins

Private Lessons - Piano and Singing Coach

Cheri has always had a passion for music. She performed for the first time when she was only three years old! Cheri took classical piano lessons beginning at the age of five. Then, as an adult, she took violin lessons. Cheri has spent the past 15 years of her life working children of all ages through the Regina Public School Board. She is currently employed at F.W. Johnson High School in Regina. Throughout her life, she has taken every opportunity she could to be involved in music. Not only does she work with students at Sing Like A STAR, she also helps out with directing the F.W. Johnson Collegiate choir. Cheri has been working at Sing Like A STAR for many years now and we are so thankful for her dedicating and commitment to our program. Cheri encourages students to work hard and provides our students with a strong musical foundation. 


Ingrid Helmcewicz

Private Lessons - Piano and Singing Coach

Ingrid is a recent U of R graduate having completed a Bachelors Degree in History with a minor in Fine Arts Music. Ingrid has been singing since a very early age. She started singing in a church choir in Milestone, SK where she had her first solo performance at only five years old. A few years later Ingrid decided to learn piano and has since completed a Grade 9 Level in Piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music. During high school, Ingrid learned how to play the flute, and taught private flute lessons. She has experience playing many different types of music and sung in various different languages. Throughout her time studying at the University of Regina, she sang with the U of R Concert Choir and had the pleasure of singing twice with the Regina Symphony Orchestra. The is only Ingrid's second season working with Sing Like A STAR. However, after receiving tons of great feedback after her first season working with us, we wouldn't let her go. We are excited to have her on our private lessons team, coaching our students on both singing and piano!

Ingrid Helmeczi.jpg