Intro to Piano


The information on this page refers the "regular" Intro to Piano Program which we were running, prior to March 2020. We left this page up on our website to give you an idea of what our regular programming how looked like in past and how we plan to move forward, once we are able to do so.

If you would prefer to read about the options for piano lessons that we are CURRENTLY offering online, please click HERE.

If you are not interested in online lessons, but would like to be contacted when registration for our regular, in-person programming begins again, please click HERE.

Are you considering putting your child in piano lessons?


It can be a pretty big commitment - renting or buying a keyboard, buying piano books, finding the right teacher and committing to a year of lessons. PLUS, what if it turns out that your child doesn't even enjoy playing piano?


We think we have the perfect answer! Why not register your child for our "Intro to Piano" courses? That way they can see what piano lessons are all about, in a fun group setting with other kids their age. You can find out if they enjoy playing piano, before you make a commitment for the full year ahead! 

Sing Like A STAR began as a program that only taught singing lessons, but has since expanded to offer fun, confidence boosting, lessons on the piano as well.

Our founder Amy Nelson has designed this "Intro to Piano" program to get students playing at least one song they recognize by the time they leave their first lesson. Students are taught the solid fundamentals needed to succeed in learning to play the piano, but at the same time as having songs they are familiar with added in to keep the lessons fun and engaging and to motivate students to want to keep progressing.

Age Requirements

From past experience, we have seen the majority of students succeed in this program when they are age 6 and older (at least grade 1). We realize that every child learns at a different pace, so will consider younger students on a case by case basis. Adults are welcome to sign up as well. We would LOVE to get an adult class going!

FAQs for Intro to Piano

Do I need to buy a piano?

Students will need a piano or keyboard that they can practice on at home during the week while taking this course. We suggest renting a small keyboard until you find out if your child enjoys piano lessons. ​A keyboard can be rented at a local music store for as little as $12 - $20 a month. Let us know if you would like any more information.

What happens after this 6-week course is done?

Students who are wishing to continue piano lessons following this "Intro to Piano" course, will join our private lessons program and sign up for a 1-on-1 lesson with one of our piano coaches. These lessons are offered at a variety of days and times throughout the week.

Class Length

Our Intro to Piano lessons are 45 minutes long. However, we schedule a full hour so that from time to time, we can invite parents in to show off what we have been working on! 

Lesson Times:

We offer this course multiple times throughout the year, providing families with many different days and times to choose from. We do our very best to work around the schedules of all families involved AND place students in groups with other students that are around their same age.


Intro to Piano classes take place at our Regina, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw locations.