Private LESSONS program

We offer private lessons for those who prefer a 1-on-1 approach!

Our talented, qualified coaches teach through the use of POPULAR music. 

Sing Like A STAR's Private Lessons are designed for students in Grades 7 - to adult, however we will consider younger students on a case by case basis.

Lesson Times

Lessons are available at various days and times throughout the week. Most students attend private lessons once a week and are generally 30 minutes long. However, 45 and 60 minute lessons are available on request.

Instruments Available

We offer 1-on-1 lessons for singing, ukulele and piano. However, our ability to offer lessons in each instrument area is different in each location, depending on the coaches available from season to season.


We host concerts to highlight the students in our private lessons program twice a year - in December and in June. Performing in our concerts is not mandatory, however we do try to encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity.


Lesson Fees
Our 1-on-1 lessons are $24/30 minute weekly lesson. For our January - June 2020 season, this works out to one payment of six payments of $80. The first payment is due upon enrolment followed by an additional payment of $80 on the first of each month from February to June.
Most parents in our Private Lessons Program choose to pay their lesson fees monthly. However, if you would prefer to pay in full, this is also an option.

Family Memberships (Regina ONLY)

Regina families who wish to participate in select programs (Group Lessons, STARS in Training or 1-on-1 Lessons) will need a Family Membership for our new academy (valued at $50/year, but with multiple options that don't require paying $50).

For more information, please click HERE.

Cancellation/Missed Lessons Policy

Please read our cancellation and missed lessons policies under the ''Policies'' tab.


If you are new to our program, please click on the yellow registration button under the location you live in. This will take you to the  registration form for our program. We will give you a call once we have received your registration form (hopefully within 2-3 business days) to discuss the next steps - which times are best for you to attend lessons, what you would like to achieve through taking 1-on-1 lessons, etc. Alternatively, you are welcome give us a call at to discuss our Private Lessons Program anytime at 1-888-613-6108!


1-on-1 Lessons available for: Singing, Piano and Ukulele.


Check out our Regina 1-on-1 coaches by clicking HERE.


Don't worry - you are NOT TOO LATE! Although the 1-on-1 lessons in our Regina location began back in September, we still have openings available for new students. Please contact us to discuss which lesson times are still available so we can get you started in 2020!

Moose Jaw

1-on-1 Lessons available for: Singing and Piano


We are just beginning to offer 1-on-1 lessons in our Moose Jaw location  and will be offering 30 minute time slots on a first come-first served basis. Most of the available time slots will be on Thursday evenings. However, it is possible that we might have a few openings on Wednesday evenings as well. Please contact us to discuss further OR click on the register button and fill out our online registration form and then we will be in touch within 2-3 business days!


1-on-1 Lessons: 

Our 1-on-1 lessons for Singing and Piano will be available again soon at our Saskatoon location! If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please give us a call at 1-888-613-6108 or send a message to