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Founder/Creative Director

Amy founded Sing Like A STAR in 2011. She had completed a Bachelor of Music Education Degree at the University of Regina. This was the training required to become a high school music teacher. However, after completing this degree, she didn't spend a lot of time working in a traditional teaching job, as it was at that same time that her own singing career was beginning to take off. 

Amy grew up in Regina and had many amazing teachers over the years. However, most of the training she receieved in singing was limited to the classical and musical theatre genres. Amy always believed that it was possible to teach the same singing skills she learned in her classical music training, but through the use of popular music. Amy took years of vocal training, despite the fact that she didn't always love the music she was singing. However, she was quick to recognize that in today's digital world, attention spans are shorter than ever and most kids won't continue taking music lessons if they are not completely engaged. For this reason, she built this program using popular music, which has proved to be a great way to keep students engaged in their lessons. Little do the know, they are learning a solid vocal foundation and general music knowledge while singing songs they love. 

Amy never dreamed that Sing Like A STAR program would grow as big as it has and that she would have the opportunity to impact so many young people's lives. To date, the program has taught music to and helped to raise the confidence of, over 1750 students in Southern Saskatchewan!

Amy maintains a busy schedule as a recording artist, songwriter and performer (www.amynelson.ca). She tours frequently in Canada, the US and Australia and has just released her third album. Amy's hectic travel schedule doesn't allow her to teach lessons consistently each week at Sing Like A STAR. However, she continues to oversee the program and work with the vocal coaches behind the scenes to help with planning and maintaining the high quality of instruction offered through her company, Sing Like A STAR.

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Brenda is the Sing Like A STAR Administrator. Amy calls her "The Glue" that keeps everything together. Brenda has worked in many administrative jobs throughout her career, which includes spending 13 years as the secretary at Dr. A. E. Perry School.


Brenda's organization skills are key to the success of this music program as it continues to grow. She has kept things running for many years, and assisted Amy in making sure the program could continue, despite wherever her music career required her to travel. 


Brenda is a grandmother, a mother, a wife and the friendliest person you will ever meet. She takes pride in everything she does. Including the beautiful receiving blankets she has been sewing and all of the quilting she has been working on since "retiring."


If you have a question, don’t ever hesitate to ask Brenda. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find out and get back to you, every time! She truly has been "The Glue" that has kept things together all of these years!